Riverdale Park Resident's Group

Riverdale Park Resident's Group                                                    (WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION) 

Riverdale Park residents have been in partnership with ECCO since 2004. Through ECCO, residents have been supported in areas of community organization. One on ones, individual meetings with Temple Ahavat Achim ECCO members and residents were conducted from the beginning in order for each group to get to know each other on a more personal level.

As relationships grew, both groups were then able to start work on housing issues within the Riverdale Park complex. Common areas of concern, such as old stoves, leaky roofs, and wet basements were then brought to the Gloucester Housing Authority (GHA) attention.

The Resident Group, ECCO and GHA began to meet on a regular basis to help solve these issues together. The work has been fulfilling for all parties involved and has also helped bridge  relationship between all three groups. There have been many positive outcomes for all involved.

Riverdale Park Residents and ECCO continue to meet to work in areas of need within the Cape Ann Community.